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Manganese Metal Company is reducing its environmental impact by using renewable energy sources, reducing water usage,  recycling and reducing waste. The company is committed to being a sustainable company and is taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment.
How MMC is supporting sustainable development
  • Manganese Metal Company is supporting sustainable development by reducing its environmental impact, investing in local communities, and promoting gender equality.

Selenium-free production

Why we choose Selenium free

MMC chooses to employ a selenium free process. Selenium free manganese (99.9% Mn) is purer, safer and more environmentally friendly than selenium containing manganese (99.7% Mn).

Selenium is unique among trace elements in that toxicity can occur at concentrations only slightly higher that those required for normal metabolism.
The use of selenium in manganese production has the following detrimental effects:

Selenium free manganese is purer

The selenium contamination of electrolytic manganese results in a product with a metal purity of 99.7% Mn, whereas selenium free manganese has a metal purity of 99.9% Mn. The selenium content in manganese metal produced using the selenium technology can be as high as 0.15%.

Hydrogen selenide and other selenium compounds are toxic

Selenium compounds are hazardous to the environment

Carbon neutrality/Net-zero emissions
Water use and treatment

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