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How MMC is working to improve the lives of its employees and the communities in which it operates

Manganese Metal Company is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of its employees and local communities by actively pursuing social responsibility initiatives, such as providing educational and training programs, promoting sustainable development projects, and supporting employee healthcare and environmental initiatives, all in line with its ESG goals.

Community Initiatives

Manganese Metal Company’s Socio-economic development/ Community investment projects are based on an overarching strategy on supporting Skills development in our Local Municipality. Amongst others, the company has successfully contributed to the following flagship projects:

  • Contributions towards the construction of a Science Discovery Centre, a first for our Municipality.
  • Support for the Electric Vehicle Challenge through a sponsorship for three local Penreach High Schools. To read more about the Penreach school development program visit www.penryn.co.za/pages/penreach. The Electric Vehicle Challenge is an annual event organised by the Rotary Project, to expose learners to scientific and engineering concepts as well as nurture innovation and creativity. In addition to soft skills gained such as problem solving and teamwork, learners also acquire practical skills such as welding.
  • Periodic Engineering Internship & Vacation Work opportunities;
  • Participation on the Partners for Possibility School Development program, to read more about PfP visit www.pfp4sa.org/ .
  • Annual School Uniform, Books donations and Support for Career Days at various educational institutions within the province.
  • Hosting educational tours for Universities and other Local Tertiary institutions for benchmarking and exposure to the industry

Manganese Metal Company’s contribution towards Local Business Development:

  • Preferential Procurement from Black-Owned/Small businesses within our footprint
  • Support for the Local Business Chamber
  • Sponsorship towards the Timbali Incubation project
  • Partnership with SEDA Mpumalanga on an Executive Leadership Coaching programme for women business owners. The programme’s objectives were:
  1. Building business management skills for the beneficiary SME businesses
  2. Assist them in improving efficiencies and effectiveness
  3. Build synergies for potential future supplier opportunities within MMC
    Compliance with statutory regulations e.g. on Quality Management, Labour Relations, etc.
Diversity and Inclusion

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